About Us

We are a non-banking financial institution established to de-risk agricultural financing and stimulate increased lending to the agricultural sector, by financial institutions in Ghana

GIRSAL provides credit risk guarantees to financial institutions to increase lending to the agricultural sector in Ghana. We also provide technical support to improve their knowledge and understanding of the agricultural sector and to strengthen their capacity to assess, structure and manage agribusiness lending.

GIRSAL is a limited liability company wholly owned by the Government of Ghana through the Ministry of Finance and is capitalized with seed funding from the Bank of Ghana and the African Development Bank (AfDB).


To provide credit guarantees and technical support to financial institutions and agribusinesses through well structured transactions, to increase agric lending


To be the catalyst for increased agricultural lending by financial institutions


Areas of Operation

Strategic Pillars

Credit Guarantee Scheme

Provides up to 70% credit risk guarantee on agricultural loans to reduce the risks of financial institutions and increase lending to the sector

Technical assistance Facility

To improve financial institutions’ capacity to assess, structure and manage the delivery of loans to agribusinesses, and to support agribusinesses through partnerships

Bank Rating Scheme

Rate financial institutions in Ghana based on their lending to agriculture, creating additional incentives for banks that are achieving impact in agricultural lending

Information Resources

Providing financial institutions with access to agricultural and agribusiness finance information resources and tools to support agribusiness loan application assessment

Our Business Model

Our Business Model