Our Partners

GIRSAL has partnered with organizations whose operations and services complement ours, and whose goals align with ours. These strategic alliances enable us to expand our reach, share resources and mitigate risks related to agricultural lending

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Development Bank Ghana (DBG)

The DBG provides long-term wholesale financing, credit guarantees, and other services to financial institutions to increase overall lending to priority sectors, including agriculture.  GIRSAL will provide technical support to assess agricultural loan applications submitted to DBG, support applicant financial institutions technically, and issue credit guarantees on qualifying loans. Both organizations will also collaborate to provide capacity building and innovative interventions to improve agriculture financing in Ghana. 

National Banking College (NBC)

The Agriculture and Agribusiness Lending Training Course for Financial Institutions was jointly developed and rolled out in 2020 with funding support from AGRA. The program has since trained 262 mid-level staff from 24 financial institutions (mainly universal banks). Based on the successes of the training program and its positive impact, the NBC plans to continue delivering the course, in addition to specialized agriculture and agribusiness finance training for financial institution management and board members.

ARB Apex Bank

GIRSAL has partnered with ARB APEX Bank to de-risk agricultural financing by Ghana’s rural and community banks (RCBs) through capacity building, technical support, and credit guarantees. The collaboration aims to optimize the expert resources of both parties to promote investment in the agricultural sector and provide institutional capacity for RCBs in Ghana. ARB Apex Bank is a mini central bank for the Rural & Community Banks. 

Ghana Commodity Exchange (GCX)

The collaboration provides GCX access to all GIRSAL partner financial institutions and supports the financial institutions to develop Aggregation and Warehouse Receipt financing products to support smallholder farmers. Through this collaboration, GIRSAL will provide Credit Risk Guarantee cover and Technical Assistance to its partner financial institutions financing GCX aggregators, brokers, and smallholder farmers.

Ghana EximBank

GIRSAL is currently working towards formalizing a partnership with EXIM Bank to support its agricultural portfolio. Under the proposed arrangement, GIRSAL will evaluate EXIM’s agricultural portfolio, and provide restructuring advice, and credit guarantees to qualifying facilities. EXIM bank staff will also benefit from GIRSAL’s agribusiness finance training and other capacity-building opportunities. EXIM bank will also access GIRSAL special initiatives such as Ghana Cares Guarantee Scheme and Interest Rate Subsidy Program. GIRSAL also intends to provide other technical services to EXIM bank

Ghana Agricultural Insurance Pool (GAIP)

GIRSAL has partnered with Ghana Agricultural Insurance Pool (GAIP) to sensitize financial institutions on agricultural insurance and provide technical input in value chain assessment and bundling of insurance with agricultural finance.