Reviving the Natural Rubber Sector for Economic Growth: GIRSAL’s Contribution to the Sector

The rubber sector is a key component of Ghana’s economy, significantly contributing to the nation’s export revenues. In 2022 alone, exports of Technically Specified Rubber (processed natural rubber that has been graded to meet specific quality standards, for industrial use) and natural rubber sheets brought in approximately USD 131.3 million, according to data from the […]

Building Expertise: Feedback from GIRSAL and DBG’s Agricultural Lending Training Programs for Financial Institutions

  GIRSAL and the Development Bank Ghana (DBG) have joined forces to enhance the understanding of Ghana’s agricultural sector among financial institutions. This initiative aims to bridge the knowledge gap, facilitating better access to agricultural loans and improving loan assessment efficiency, which is crucial for the growth of agribusinesses. GIRSAL’s Agriculture and Agribusiness Lending Course […]

GIRSAL and DBG Extend Partnership to Boost Agricultural Financing for Growth and Self-Reliance

To stimulate additional financing for the agricultural sector, GIRSAL and Development Bank Ghana (DBG) have extended their partnership for an additional three years. This collaboration aims to accelerate lending to agribusinesses within key value chains, advancing Ghana’s goals of food security, import substitution, and increased foreign exchange earnings. Together, DBG and GIRSAL will provide long-term […]

Celebrating Agricultural Finance Excellence: Girsal Partner Excellence Awards 2023

GIRSAL proudly unveils the distinguished recipients of the GIRSAL Partner Excellence Awards 2023, recognizing their contributions to agricultural finance in 2023. The 2023 honorees, including Absa Bank, Fidelity Bank, CBG Bank, and GCB, alongside two outstanding agricultural and agribusiness finance training facilitators.   Acknowledging Excellence in Agricultural Finance GIRSAL’s annual Partner Excellence Awards celebrate our […]

GIRSAL Facilitates Dialogue with Financial Institutions and Lands Commission to Address Land Documentation Hurdles

GIRSAL recently facilitated a critical dialogue between the Lands Commission and Financial Institutions at a breakfast meeting in Accra. The event aimed to tackle persistent issues related to land documentation and collateral registration, which have been causing funding delays for agribusinesses. Financial institutions often grapple with the complexity of obtaining valid land title certificates, consent […]

Closing the Agric Finance Knowledge Gap: GIRSAL and NBC Trains Financial Institution Decision-Makers

In a strategic collaboration with the National Banking College (NBC), and AGRA, GIRSAL is making important strides in reshaping agricultural financing in Ghana. This endeavour involves educating and empowering decision-makers within financial institutions, including executive management and boards, to better understand agriculture and support agribusiness. The landscape of agricultural financing is fraught with both real […]

Enhancing Agricultural Financing Expertise: GIRSAL’s Technical and Advisory Services (TAS)

Financial institutions in Ghana have historically shown a relatively lower appetite for agricultural financing compared to other sectors, a phenomenon often attributed to a combination of factors. Among these factors is the limited expertise and familiarity that financial institutions have with the intricacies of the agriculture sector, which has contributed to the perception that the […]

Ghanaian Bank Executives Embark on a Transformative Learning Visit to Kenya’s VegPro Group with GIRSAL

In an effort to bolster financial support for the burgeoning agribusiness sector in Ghana, GIRSAL organized a transformative four-day study tour to Kenya. This initiative brought together 21 senior officials from Ghanaian financial institutions including Development Bank Ghana, CBG, GCB Bank, CalBank, CBG, ABSA, Fidelity Comprising 15 senior executives and six managers and officers, the […]

Advancing Bankers’ Agricultural Expertise: GIRSAL, NBC and DBG Train 151 Bankers from 29 Financial Institutions

GIRSAL, in collaboration with its partners, has successfully facilitated the 12th agriculture and agribusiness lending course for bankers in Ghana, furthering its support in enhancing agricultural finance knowledge. In 2023, GIRSAL set an ambitious target of training 120 staff members from both commercial banks and non-banking financial institutions. Remarkably, not only was this target achieved, […]

Findings & Recommendations Report: GIRSAL In-Depth Study of PFJ Fertilizer Subsidy Program

GIRSAL has published the final report of its in-depth study on the Fertilizer Subsidy Program (FSP), a crucial component of the Planting for Food and Jobs (PFJ) initiative conducted in 2022. This report sheds light on the program’s impact and presents actionable recommendations to bolster its efficiency and effectiveness. Download the Report (PDF) The assessment […]