What level of cover does the credit guarantee provide?

GIRSAL CRG covers up to 70% of agricultural loan principal. The guarantee does not cover the interest component of the loan. The level of cover is determined on a case-by-case basis. Agricultural loans to high-risk value chain activities such as production may receive the maximum cover.

What type of loans can be covered by the GIRSAL Credit Risk guarantee?

Agribusiness loans to all agricultural value chains within all sub-sectors (horticulture, cereals, tree crops, roots and tubers, legumes, poultry, aquaculture, livestock etc) are covered. The CRG covers all agricultural value chain activities (inputs, production, processing, aggregation, transportation, storage, marketing, export etc) Learn More

Who are your customers/clients?

GIRSAL’s key clients are Financial Institutions. Currently, 22 financial institutions (including 2 RCBs) have signed on to our Agricultural Credit Guarantee Scheme. Several others have benefitted from GIRSAL’s Technical assistance Facility