Mr. Godwin Kodzo Anku is a seasoned public servant with extensive experience in Project Management, External Economic Relations, Resource Mobilization and Management. Mr. Anku served as the Head of the Development Finance Unit at the Financial Sector Division of the Ministry of Finance. At the Ministry of Finance, he also served as a Head of Desk for a number of countries at the previously Bilateral Division of the External Resource Mobilization of the Ministry of Finance, where he coordinated a number of donor-funded projects across all sectors of the economy (especially in the agriculture sector). These Bilateral countries include Italy, France, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, the United States of America, and Canada.

Mr. Anku was the Technical Head that led officers of the Ministry of Finance Team that coordinated the establishment of GIRSAL and Development Bank Ghana. He presently works as a consultant.

Mr. Anku holds a B.A in Economics and an MA Degree both from the University of Ghana. He has obtained Post Graduate Certificates in Development Evaluation (Carleton University, Canada), Policy analysis (Korean Policy Institute), Climate Change-Mitigation and Adaptation (Swedish Hydrological and Meteorological  Institute), Monitoring and Evaluation ( Meiji University- Tokyo, Japan), Entrepreneurship and Innovative Management for SMEs (Galilee International Management Institute, Israel) and Digital Finance (Fletcher School of Law/Digital Finance Institute and Diplomacy, South Africa).