GIRSAL’s core objective is to de-risk agribusiness financing by Ghanaian financial institutions, and thereby increase lending to the agricultural sector.

We achieve our objective through 4 inter-related pillars which are

  1. Agricultural Credit Risk Guarantee Facility to de-risk and provide an incentive to financial institutions to lend more to the agricultural sector. Learn More
  2. Technical Assistance to financial institutions to understand the agricultural sector better; and to agribusinesses to deploy best practices, minimize their risk and develop bankable business proposals likely to be financed by financial institutions. Learn More
  3. Bank rating facility through which we recognize and award financial institutions and other stakeholders lending more to agriculture and making an impact through an annual award ceremony.
  4. Provision of agricultural information resources through the GIRSAL Agribusiness Knowledge Portal designed to assist the staff of financial institutions as a reference point for technical information during agricultural loan initiation and assessment.