Enhancing Agricultural Financing Expertise: GIRSAL’s Technical and Advisory Services (TAS)

Financial institutions in Ghana have historically shown a relatively lower appetite for agricultural financing compared to other sectors, a phenomenon often attributed to a combination of factors. Among these factors is the limited expertise and familiarity that financial institutions have with the intricacies of the agriculture sector, which has contributed to the perception that the […]

Ghanaian Bank Executives Embark on a Transformative Learning Visit to Kenya’s VegPro Group with GIRSAL

In an effort to bolster financial support for the burgeoning agribusiness sector in Ghana, GIRSAL organized a transformative four-day study tour to Kenya. This initiative brought together 21 senior officials from Ghanaian financial institutions including Development Bank Ghana, CBG, GCB Bank, CalBank, CBG, ABSA, Fidelity Comprising 15 senior executives and six managers and officers, the […]

Advancing Bankers’ Agricultural Expertise: GIRSAL, NBC and DBG Train 151 Bankers from 29 Financial Institutions

GIRSAL, in collaboration with its partners, has successfully facilitated the 12th agriculture and agribusiness lending course for bankers in Ghana, furthering its support in enhancing agricultural finance knowledge. In 2023, GIRSAL set an ambitious target of training 120 staff members from both commercial banks and non-banking financial institutions. Remarkably, not only was this target achieved, […]

DBG Partners GIRSAL to Train Staff of Financial Institutions on Agric-Financing

Lending to the Ghanaian agricultural sector has generally been low, compared to other sectors. This has been attributed to the high risk associated with the sector, among other reasons. Interventions such as Ghana Incentive-Based Risk Sharing System for Agricultural Lending (GIRSAL) ’s agricultural credit risk guarantee and technical assistance have been introduced to de-risk and […]